Small Universe Charm Necklace

The Universe Collection-

 Beyond your zodiac sign, this collection is to signify meaningful numbers to you as your life unfolds.

Details can represent people in your family, number of children/grandchildren, siblings, bridesmaids, best friends, decades of marriage, milestone birthdays and so on. This collection is about you and anything you hold dear. From the people in your life to the number of countries you’ve traveled or a number that resonates with you for reasons yet unknown. The options are endless. Let Pluma help you honor what you hold dear.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll come up with something just right, together.

This is a small charm that comes on an 18” chain. 

A piece is your desired number may be on hand, otherwise please allow 1-2 weeks for this custom made piece. I'll make it gorgeous, I promise.


All earwires are 14k gold filled Nickel Free. Lead Free.

All other metal components and chains are 14k Heavy gold overlay which gives the rich look of solid gold.

Very long lasting with normal wear. Waterproof. Clean with mild soap and water.

Customer reviews
Each time I add to my Pluma ring collection, I feel stronger somehow. They are so empowering to wear.
— Erin R.
I gave a Universe necklace to my mom to represent all her grandchildren. She cried and even my dad got emotional. She loves it so much.
— Molly L.
Pluma is an outfit maker and I love that I can change it up with layering it together.
— Meagan B

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